The Proof Is In the Wine

You Can Taste Our Passion for Excellence in Coventina’s Rich and Deeply Satisfying Wines

Coventina wines are the liquid essence of streaming sunlight, clear water, superior grapes, and the rich earth from which they grow. The beauty of the finished product reflects the winemaker’s respect for nature and the care taken to transform these qualities into the texture, aroma, color, and taste of a premium wine that nourishes heart and soul.

Coventina 2015 Tempranillo

First Tier


The Coventina Tempranillo is an exceptional wine that is refined, elegant, and powerful at the same time. Its specific signature reflects aging in oak barrels that enhance the natural essence of the wine without overpowering it. This calls for a small amount of American oak (traditionally used in Spain for Tempranillo), but primarily French oak, which tames and smooths out the tannins while producing a big wine.

Characteristics of the Coventina Tempranillo: This is a lovely deep red, fruity wine with big, rich texture. Aromas include white chocolate, truffle and fig. The finish is smooth and lingers with the taste of tannins that don’t overwhelm. The flavor strikes a balance between earth and fruit that allows for diverse food pairings. It will reach its peak sooner rather than later in the bottle. It’s a lovely wine that would be excellent with rich dishes like osso buco.

Characteristics of the Coventina Tempranillo Reserve: The reserve wine is bigger and bolder with more oak influence. It is much darker and fruitier with generous tannins that provide added structure to the wine. The Reserve will take longer to reach its peak, aging gracefully, and will have a longer life in the bottle.

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Coventina 2015 Tempranillo Reserve


Coventina 2016 Pinot Noir

First Tier

Pinot Noir

The grapes for the Coventina Pinot Noir are grown from a clone known for its richness and dark fruit. These grapes have produced a Coventina wine that is one of the more substantive Pinot Noirs the vintners have seen coming from the area. The properties of the vineyard allow the grapes to come to full ripeness at moderate alcohol levels. Fruit with that much ripeness stands up well to 100% French oak barrels. To add complexity to the final product, the grapes are processed in three different types of fermenters. The different forms of fermentation clearly lead to very different wines in the barrels. Proper blending results in a layered, complex Pinot Noir.

Characteristics of the Coventina Pinot Noir: Our Pinot Noir is a beautiful, cherry red fruity wine, with an extremely smooth texture. The finish is long and elegant. It possesses darker fruit notes including freshly picked blackberries and pomegranates. It will pair nicely with a broad variety of foods as well as being delicious savored by itself.

Characteristics of the Coventina Pinot Noir Reserve: Our Pinot Noir Reserve is a little bigger, bolder, and more concentrated. Aromas include spicy black cherry and currant jam. It possesses a weighty mid-palate that integrates well with the long finish. The richness lingers as you savor it over a special evening of great food and stirring conversation.

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Coventina 2016 Pinot Noir Reserve


Special Note: Reserve Versus Regular

A good vintner tastes every barrel of wine several times during the developmental period to confirm all is going well and to identify different barrels that will work better together in the final blending. During this testing, about half the barrels will stand out as being a step above the others. The vintner “reserves” those barrels, which are then combined to create a truly superior reserve wine.

Generally speaking, if you like a wine, you will find more of what you like in the reserve. A reserve wine offers a rich profile that extends throughout the entire tasting experience.

Coventina’s reserve wines reward you with a satisfying and memorable experience. They offer special delights to be savored over a long, unforgettable evening.

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